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Florida Society for Respiratory Care Committee Chairs and Membership 2015-2016

Annual Program (Sunshine Seminar) Committee
Goal- The FSRC will provide quality education and engaging experiences for respiratory therapists and students.

  Chair(s)  Misty Carmitchel-Carlson    
   Thomas Berlin    
  Members  Kimberlee L Harvey  Sputum Bowl  
   Dennis Willerth  ED  

Audit Committee
Goal- The FSRC will demonstrate its fiduciary responsibilities with a thorough examination of expenditures.

  Chair(s)  Mark Pellman    
  Members  Ryan Philpot  Region 2 Director  
   Thomas Berlin  Region 4 Director  
   Andrew J Slezak  Region 6 Director  
   Hosea Moss  Parliamentarian  
   Elizabeth M Mander  Treasurer  
   Dennis Willerth  ED  

Budget Committee
Goal- The FSRC will demonstrate its fiduciary responsibilities to design and align a budgetary process with its strategic plan & goals.

  Chair(s)  Jamy Chulak    
  Members  Elizabeth M Mander  Treasurer  
   Dennis Willerth  ED  

Goal- The FSRC will align its policy and procedures with its Bylaws approved by the AARC.

  Chair(s)  Sheryle A Barrett    
   Earsel J McCleese    

Goal- The FSRC will strengthen its relationship with respiratory care programs and students.

  Chair(s)  Leta Kelli Curtiss    
   Andrew J Slezak    
  Members  Angel Davis  Student Liason  

Goal- The FSRC will demonstrate its fiduciary responsibilities by validating the elections results.

  Chair(s)  Thomas Berlin    
   Mark Pellman    
  Members  Dennis Willerth  ED  

Historic Preservation
Goal- The FSRC will serve to preserve artifacts developed at the FSRC.

  Chair(s)  Richard Sobel    
   Earnestine Thompson    
  Members  Dennis Willerth  ED  

Goal- The FSRC will protect its integrity through a judicial process.

  Chair(s)  Hosea Moss    
   Angel Davis    

Goal- The FSRC will monitor, take action, and coordinate with our lobbyist & AARC on legislative issues.

  Chair(s)  Mark Pellman    
   Sheryle A Barrett    
  Members  Thomas Berlin  Region 4  
   Dean A Shaw  Region 5  
   Antwan Brooks  Region 7  

Goal- The FSRC will grow combo membership and student membership.

  Chair(s)  Ryan Philpot    
   Marie T Suarez    
  Members  Antwan Brooks  Region 7  
   Earnestine Thompson  Delegate  
   Angel Davis  Student Liason  

Goal- The FSRC will put forward qualified candidates for positions up for elections.

  Chair(s)  Leta Kelli Curtiss    
   Suhey Tuckler    
  Members  Antwan Brooks  Region 7  
   Earnestine Thompson  Delegate  
   Angel Davis  Student Liason  

Political Action Contact Team
Goal- The FSRC will coordinate national legislative efforts with the AARC.

  Chair(s)  Mark Pellman    
   Antwan Brooks    

Goal- The FSRC will communicate with respiratory therapists.

  Chair(s)  Suhey Tuckler    
   Ryan Philpot    
  Members  Antwan Brooks  Region 7  

Special Recognition
Goal- The FSRC will recognize individual and affiliate efforts within Florida.

  Chair(s)  Earnestine Thompson    
   Jose A Lammoglia    
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