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Notice: FSRC Board of Directors Election Now in Process For the 2019-2021 Term.

Ballots have been sent via email to current FSRC Active and AARC/FSRC Combo members residing in Region 1 to cast ballots for their Region 1 Director.
Separately, an email has been sent to all current AARC members who have designated Florida as their affiliate of choice, to affirm the position of FSRC Delegate to the AARC. Please be sure to retrieve your email and cast your ballot no later than the deadline, midnight January 30, 2019.

Below is a list of your FSRC Board members for the upcoming term
Tom Berlin- PresidentTBD - Director, Region 1
Mark Pellman - Past PresidentSteve Hardt- Director, Region 2
Leta (Kelli) Curtiss- SecretaryEarsel McCleese- Director, Region 3
Elizabeth Mander- TreasurerSharon Shenton, Director, Region 4
TBD -AARC Senior DelegateGlenn Milano, Director, Region 5
Melanie McDonough- AARC Junior DelegateGina Ricard, Director, Region 6
Dennis Willerth-Executive DirectorSuhey Tuckler-Director, Region 7

Below is a list of your FSRC Board members for the upcoming term:
Mark Pellman- President Jose Lammoglia- Director, Region 1
Jamy Chulak-Past President Ryan Philpot- Director, Region 2
Leta (Kelli) Curtiss- Secretary Earsel McCleese- Director, Region 3
Elizabeth Mander- Treasurer Thomas Berlin, Director, Region 4
Sheryle Barrett-AARC Senior Delegate Glenn Milano, Director, Region 5
Melanie McDonough- AARC Junior Delegate Andrew Slezak, Director, Region 6
Dennis Willerth-Executive Director Suhey Tuckler and Antwan Brooks- Co-Directors, Region 7
  Hosea Moss-Parliamentarian
EBOLA! Florida's State Surgeon General, Dr. John Armstrong has asked that we make the link below available to you, to provide the most update-to-date information regarding Ebola developments.


*please click HERE for important details
Florida hits the Trifecta at the 2014 AARC Congress

*FSRC Delegate John Wilgis wins AARC HOD Speaker Elect

*Florida wins 2nd Summit Award in 3 years

*Florida takes second place in the year-long AARC Membership Drive

Congratulations Florida RT's: you're the best!!!
Florida Wins Summit Award 2011
EDUCATION: Awarded 18,240 CRCEs throughout the State via live chapter blitzes, regional seminars, an annual State meeting, and web-based self study courses.
MEMBERSHIP: Increased 20% year over year
LEGISLATIVE: Active Legislative Committee, paid State Lobbyist, AARC PACT participation, and full 435 plan representation to 25 congressional areas
PROMOTING AWARENESS: Participated in 8 asthma health fairs, nursing and teacher association presentations, COPD Awareness and Lung Health Day activities. Sponsored a 10K run, provided 78 support group hours and 68 community outreach hours. Initiated school programs, participated in state speaking engagements, sponsored and staffed lung screenings at the state capitol in Tallahassee, requested and received a Gubernatorial RC week proclamation
MEMBERS BENEFITS: Student scholarship and endowment, new member pin, board orientation, member discounts for educational events. Representation at State of Florida Board of Respiratory Care meetings: legislative watch dog. Communication, support and resources provided via FSRC website, Facebook page, newsletter, toll free phone, e-mail, and FSRC Executive Office managed and staffed by full time Executive Director.
COLLABORATION: COPD Coalition, American Lung Association, Alpha-1 Foundation, Asthma Camps, Nursing and Pharmacy Groups, Thrust Counselor and Teacher Associations, and HOSEA (medical health program in high schools)
Thanks Florida, and to all of the hospitals, RT educational programs, vendor sponsors and individual respiratory care practitioners and volunteers: without your active support, receipt of this award would not have been possible. Thank you!!!
Election Results 2011

2012-2013 FSRC Board Elections Concluded; click here to view results
The AARC and FSRC are partnering with the Drive4COPD in a two year campaign that will help shape the health of Americans. A project called Adopt-a-Company will bring respiratory therapists and local businesses together to help them understand how COPD affects their workforce and that they can make a difference!
Click Adopt-A-Company for additional information.
Attention Directors/Managers: Cardiopulmonary Services
Subject: Development/Refining of Time Standards Fall Survey -
The AARC Uniform Reporting Manual is presently in the process of being updated and will conclude in late 2011 or early 2012. The AARC needs your assistance to help assure that the time standards reported in the 2010 AARC Uniform Reporting Manual are rock solid and unassailable. This can happen only if you have developed solid time standards, and contribute that information via surveys that will be conducted this fall. Please be on the look-out for, and participate in these all important surveys.

To Assist You: Free AARC Resources for Developing or Refining Time Standards To assist managers in the development and review of time standards for services, the AARC has created the Productivity and Time Standards and Development Resource Center. This resource will help to simplify development and selective evaluation and updating of existing time standards for respiratory therapy and other departments that might be under your direction; non-invasive cardiology, sleep laboratory services, hyperbaric medicine, and pulmonary rehabilitation services.
Please download this tool at: http://www.aarc.org/resources/standards_development/

image courtesy of Advance Magazine
Dear Fellow Respiratory Therapists,

Thanks to your membership and support, and for that of many selfless volunteers, the Florida Society for Respiratory Care can boast an extremely busy and productive year.

   • A record number of continuing education programs were offered
   • Membership and volunteerism was significantly increased
   • The FSRC Scholarship program presented a check to its' first recipient
   • A new student governance program was created and implemented
   • Professional collaboration was expanded with numerous external organizations to promote lung health and advancement of the respiratory profession
   • The FSRC Legislative Committee in conjunction with professional lobbyist Toni Large continued to actively monitor legislation and to represent the interests of the respiratory profession in Tallahassee, and in Washington, D.C. in conjunction with the AARC PACT

Your FSRC wishes you all a wonderful Respiratory Care Week, and a sincere hope that you receive all of the recognition you have worked so diligently to earn. Your efforts and contribution to your chosen profession are greatly appreciated.


Sheryle Barrett
President, FSRC
Advance Program
For AARC Congress 2011
November 5-8, Saturday - Tuesday, Tampa, Florida
Click here for program, hotel, travel and registration options. We hope to see you there!!!
Exhibitor Prospectus now available
�Call for Nominations� --- Nominations are now being accepted for 2012 FSRC Board member positions through September 30, 2011.
Get involved and/or nominate a qualified co-worker.

Click Here for a list of available positions and nomination form.

Florida DOH H1N1 After Action Report

Oil Spill Fact Sheet: Gulf Coast Oil Spill Fact Sheet for Health Care Providers: Florida DOH

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